Fisher Mall is a family-owned establishment which was named to reflect the family’s well established roots and heredity in the fishing industry. This was started by the forefathers of Roberto Nepumuceno Del Rosario, Chairman of the Board of Mallers Investment Incorporated, the holding company.

The family ventured into this retail business, with the vision of being at the forefront of mall development by providing a unique and constantly innovating customer experience.

Total customer satisfaction is constantly in their minds when they are designing the mall, building the amenities and choosing all the equipment to harness in the mall. They are committed to the principles of quality, beauty, functionality and completeness.

The commitment for only the best is a reflection of the family’s attitude toward business.

Fisher Mall and its entertainment zones are operated by Mallers Management Corporation headed by its President, Robert Raymond Del Rosario. Amongst the anchor stores is the Fisher Fashion Store, the department store under the helm of Aileenette Moleen Perez-Del Rosario, President of Clothers Asia. Fisher Supermarket is managed by Roberto Alfonso Del Rosario, President of Fisherfoods Corporation.

The holding company for the retail business is Mallers Investment Incorporated headed by Chairman Roberto Nepumuceno Del Rosario and co-chaired by Paul Gerard Del Rosario.